double-glazed-windowWho doesn’t want to save, and especially on electricity and energy bills? But even after that, there are some people hesitant to spend money on a few construction upgrades, despite evidence to the fact that they might aid in fattening their pockets. One such argument is between window double glazing and secondary glazing. Well, this piece is to tell you why you should opt to double glaze your windows, as opposed to secondary glazing.

So, what is window double glazing?

Double glazed windows, as opposed to the average single glazed window, have two glass panes, both separated by a thin layer of air. This means that while the one layer of glass in a single glazed window is the only thing that stands between you and the cold outside, you are protected by two glass layers and an air blanket in case of double glazing.

Okay. Now, what is secondary glazing?

Secondary glazing involves installing an additional glass pane on the inside of your single glazed window. This does not involve any new construction, just some simple additions.

Okay, sounds good to me. Now, let’s get to the pros and cons, shall we?

Firstly, the cost: as said before, secondary glazing does not involve any new construction, just additional inputs. In fact, it is simple enough to be installed by oneself, and without the help of installers.

Window double glazing, on the other hand, is a bit expensive. The gap between the two glass layers needs to be filled with a noble or inert gas in order to provide maximum impact. Therefore, there is need for a lot of careful measurements. You may also need to install new hardware. Double glazed windows are, thus, custom made. Hence, the expensive charges.

After the manufacture, there is also the hassle of installing them. While secondary glazing can be done by oneself, double glazing usually requires the help of company experts. In some countries, you may also require legal permission in order to double glaze your windows. Secondary glazing does not come with any such conditions.

However, according to Quash a provider of double glazed windows in Perth, the benefits of double glazed windows far outweigh those of simple secondary glazing. Though both window double glazing and secondary glazing help with heat retention, the former helps you save almost double the money on your heating bill when compared to the latter. Additionally, double glazing is more durable than average secondary glazing, which means that you will have more savings for a longer period of time. Another benefit is the sound insulation that you can achieve by using double glazed windows.

Additionally, it is far easier to clean a double glazed window than a single glazed one. Since the glass panes have an air blanket or a vacuum between them, you just have to clean the inside and outside of the window. The surface area to be cleaned in the case of secondary glazed windows is twice as much: you have to clean the inner as well as the outer glass. Reaching between the two is a tough job, and requires a lot of time.

Double glazed windows also open more easily than secondary glazed windows. Since the latter have two independent units of glass, each has to be opened relative to the other. Users often find this a pain to do, especially those living in places with smaller windows, such as apartments.