Searching for a quality building company can be a daunting task, no matter where you want to invest in a home. Looking to invest in a property in Melbourne, Victoria? Consider these excellent, well-reviewed home builders to find the perfect match for your luxury home building project.


  1. First Avenue Homes

The brainchild of First Avenue Homes is Anthony Karlovic and HIA (Housing Industry Association) Accredited Builder. He participates in a wide variety of building projects such: new home construction, room rebuilds extensions, renovations and more. Reviewers on praise First Avenue Homes and Anthony Karlovic for creating a stress-free, communicative environment and service.


  1. Atkinson Pontifex

Atkinson Pontifex is a highly rated Melbourne homebuilder, known for construction projects for homes and gardens in the Bayside suburbs. They are the winner of numerous HIA awards, including the award for Australian House of the Year for 2010, and the Australian Achiever Awards for 2006, 2008, 2011, 2012, and 2015.


  1. Pinnacle Builders

Custom built luxury residential homes are the game for Pinnacle Builders. They have built and renovated homes in Melbourne, and other regions of Victoria. The team had been spoken of favorably by former clients for their professionalism and excellent communication skills. They are very much invested in the needs of the client, with a good reputation of producing one of the best home renovations in Melbourne .


  1. Vital Build

The holder of the HIA Green Smart Professional Builder Award, Vital Build is another exemplary home builder and renovator. They have served the Surry Hills, Eltham, Toorak, and Northern Suburbs Melbourne areas, among many others. They pride themselves in participating in all aspects of the luxury home building experience with their clients, from the preliminary planning permits to the finishing touches upon completion. They are often praised for quality workmanship and attention to detail.


  1. Vitalmark Constructions

Vitalmark Constructions is a luxury home builder known for consistency in project quality. The founder and managing director, Boris Lipengold’s slogan are “Every home we build is as though it is our own.” Housing projects and renovation jobs can be found in Bayside and Melbourne Metropolitan areas. They are the winners of the 2013 Victorian Town House/Villa Award and were a 2014 HIA-CSR Housing Award Finalist Town for a Town House/ Villa.


  1. Mazzei Homes

Mazzei Homes are all about the satisfaction of the clients. Their luxury custom homes have been sold since 1973, therefore garnering the most experienced home builders in this list, under the Platinum Building Group. They have served Melbourne’s metropolitan area as a division of the well-known Better Living Group. Mazzei Homes is dedicated to their craft, only producing the best home construction a buyer could ever ask for.


  1. Platinum Building Group

The Platinum Building Group is a building company with 50 years of construction experience. Primarily serving metropolitan Melbourne, their projects include new luxury homes, residential extensions, and commercial projects. Today their experience and expertise is the sway that helps them obtain numerous clients. Their reputation is flawless, as clients tote Platinum Building Group’s workmanship and attention to detail.